Akshay Sovani Investment Advisors

Who We Are:

We are passionate Equity Investors. Having invested in equities for more than a decade, over the years we have developed our own framework of investing. We have taken the knocks, learnt our lessons, learnt from the successes and mistakes of investing greats.
#Pure fundamental investing
#No trading, No speculation, No derivatives

What we believe

We believe that Equity Investments are the best way to build long term wealth. If done properly, regularly and methodically, it can lead to significant value creation over time.
Most People somehow believe that equities are risky. We fundamentally believe that investment in equities is by itself not risky. How we approach equity investments and what and how we choose to invest in; defines whether it is risky. Risk comes from not understanding what your are buying, rather than from what asset class you are buying.

What we seek to Do:

We are passionate about equities and our endeavor is to get people to look at equities as a significant asset class as a part of their asset allocation within the context of their age, cashflows, liquidity requirements etc. We believe that with the right hand holding and guidance, most people can benefit from the significant wealth creation that Equity Investments offer!
We seek to build trust in long term equity investing and give people the comfort, trust and confidence to be able to allocate significant portions of their asset allocation and incremental cash flows towards equity investments.
 #Long term wealth
 # Power of Compounding

Akshay Sovani


Akshay is a keen follower of markets and companies and has been investing in the markets for more than a decade. 

He loves the Simplicity and Clarity of Thought of Warren Buffet and the Practicality and Common Sensical “Invest in what you know and see around you” approach of Peter Lynch.

He is an avid quizzer and brings that inquisitive spirit to his stock picking. He likes to go behind the stocks and beyond the numbers to understand the companies and their competitive landscapes, their business drivers and sources of superior economics , their moats and the endurance of those moats and lastly but most importantly the ability and honesty of managements.

In his spare time he likes to read business books and articles, troll around local markets and malls to get a first hand feel of businesses or talk to people to get consumer insights and often finds interesting stock ideas or validation of exisiting picks.

He likes sports, likes to travel and is an amateur poet.

After having worked in Consulting and Private Equity investing for the last 12 years across reputed companies like Arthur Andersen, GE, Starwood Capital and Motilal Oswal PE, he has turned full time investor now and advises like minded clients who have a long term view and the orientation and patience to invest in businesses to build long term portfolios.

Akshay is also a Chartered Accountant and an MBA from SP Jain Institute of Management and Research Mumbai.

Who we Like to Partner:

We like to partner with Clients who are looking to build a sizable equity corpus over a period of time.
As with our Investment Philosophy, where we take a long term approach and look at investments as a partnership with fundamentally good businesses and honest and capable promoters, so also in our Business we take a partnership approach.
 #Trust & Honesty
#Mutual Fairness
#No shortcuts in Investing, no Shortcuts in Business